Jessica Kondrath, originally from Oak Park, IL, began her training studying and performing the works of the American Modern Dance Masters. Jessica holds a BFA in Dance from the University of California, Santa Barbara and an MFA in Dance from California State University, Long Beach. She has shown work throughout Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and New York City, in particular at Dance Chicago, D.U.M.B.O Dance Festival, The Merce Cunningham Studios, and Baryshnikov Arts Center. Jessica has had works commissioned by CSU Long Beach, Santa Monica College, CSU Fullerton, and Momenta Performing Arts Company, among others; and has been a guest instructor at Loyola Marymount University, Fullerton Union High School, Beverly Hills High School, CSU Fullerton, Cypress College and Cerritos College. As a dancer, Jessica has most recently performed the works of Carol McDowell, Liz Hoefner Adamis/Immediate Action Dance, and Sarita Smith-Childs. She was a recipient of the Professional Artist Fellowship Grant from the Arts Council of Long Beach for her work as the Artistic Director of GRAYSCALE. Jessica is also an active lighting designer for dance and Pilates Instructor, and is on faculty in the Dance Departments of El Camino College and Rio Hondo College.


I am interested in making dances that are derived primarily from the musical score.  Through these works, I am interested in using the movement to craft a visual re-presentation of the music for the viewer so that the work may be experienced both visually and aurally. I am interested in creating movement that is both beautiful and awkward at once, continuously seeking out how the choreography connects to and interacts with the environments created for each piece.  By crafting spaces which house each particular dance, it is my interest to allow new sets of rules to exist for each environment inside of which each dance is created.  Using the score as an integral aspect of each environment, it is by following the movement of the music that I create choreography.  It is also my intent to generate a visual re-presentation of the score through the movement of the body and the crafting of the bodies as they move through the space.  Additionally, I seek to bring awareness to the relationship between the audience and the performer with the desire to bring the viewers awareness to their participation in the dance as an entity by being present in the space.