"Kondrath's movement mesmerizes.  The carving torso and limbs combined with challenging changes of level, reaching of limbs into twisted shapes, teetering balances, and darting limb accents reveal a level of deep control, clarity of focus, and understanding of the body as a medium of message.  Kondrath instills a deep emotional and visceral response in viewers.  She powerfully connects the core and the limbs to convey an emotional, human experience."                                                                                                   -Teresa Heiland, LA Dance Review


"Kondrath’s aesthetic sense of patience as a choreographer allowed the audience to soak in the design of the work before propelling us forward in explosive moments of virtuosity."                                                                                                    -Beth Megill, LA Dance Reivew


"Kondrath supplied her dancer with movement that was kinetic, connected and that which let the dancer’s artistry shine through. It was an excerpt of a longer work, and I’m hoping that the rest is just as beautiful."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              - Jeff Slayton, seedance.com


"The slippery quality of Kondrath’s movement turns the memory of the movement into a collage of legs and arms reaching into space without a specific image to grasp onto. The flowing design of the dancers bodies in space creates a visual experience that is both engaging and elusive."                                                                                                                                                         -Beth Megill, LA Dance Review

"Kondrath’s movement across all three works uses a contemporary ballet aesthetic merging ballet lines and shapes blended with clear patterns of body connectivity and plastic floor work, and always with and a cool direct gaze. Clarity of purpose with the body and layered shapes and designs creating a vocabulary that massages the kinesphere is central to her work. Limbs are stretched long, precise, and breath and emotions are often subtle. Kondrath uses space in unexpected ways, dividing planes in the use of the body. A traditional attitude position is twisted and what was once cross-lateral suddenly becomes planar."                              -Teresa Heiland, LA Dance Review


"The dance performance opens with immense force. From the raw physicality of gymnastic and contortionist movements to infusions of traditional ballet, Kondrath’s “Fleeting” blends dance genres with grace and fluid lyricism."                        -Mary Marsh, LA Dance Review


"The dance evokes dreams, darkness, and a world just beyond our reach."                                                       -Mary Marsh, LA Dance Review