We are building a new piece....

JKTM has been creating a new work in collaboration with some amazing artists that we are premiering this fall in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.  I am very excited to be working with new and returning dancers, with costume designer Barbara Rain, visual artist Diana Baumbach, and using music from the Los Angeles based band Wolvez. 

Joining the company this season are dancers Paige Amicon, Haihua Chiang, Marissa Sands, and Haley Weishaup in addition to seasoned JKTM dancer Briana Masson.   It has been such a pleasure to work in the studio with these artists!

My friendship with artist Diana Baumbach stretches back to dancing together growing up in Chicago, and it has been fantastic to collaborate with her together with designer Barbara Rain in creating costumes for this project!  

Diana and I have both drawn inspiration from moon cycles and circular patterning in our process of creating for this piece.  The looping phases of these cycles, and the gravitational pull and trajectory of the moon as it travels in space have made their way into my floor patterns for the piece as they have into Diana's design work that will be printed on the costumes created by Barbara.  Below are some preliminary design ideas by Diana:

We will also be featuring Diana's artwork in the lobby at ARC Pasadena as part of the Los Angeles premier of the piece.  Check out her beautiful artistry here: http://dianabaumbach.com/ 

I was inspired additionally by the looping structure of the music by Wolvez.  The four compositions used in the work hold a sense of weight and space that fill the environment in which the dancer's inhabit.   Though the tracks I am using are quite ambient in sound, most of the music Wolvez plays is West Cost experimental rock and roll and I encourage checking them out at:   https://wolvez1.bandcamp.com/ 

I hope you enjoy a few moments from the piece below - and please join us November 4th and 5th at ARC Pasadena where we will present this piece along with new works from Weslie Ching Dance (https://www.wesliechingdance.com/), and live music from Wolvez.



JK|TM and RE|Dance Group Master Class series at ARC Pasadena

For those interested in joining JESSICA KONDRATH | THE MOVEMENT and RE|Dance Group for our Master Class and Repertory/Choreography Class on August 21st at ARC Pasadena. Modern from 10:30-12:30, Repertory/Choreography from 12:30-2:30. $10 per class, or $30 for both classes and the concert on August 22nd at MiMoDa Studio at 8pm. To register, please email jessicakondrathtm@gmail.com. I hope you will join us!!

ARC Pasadena is at 1158 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106

MiMoDa Studio is at 5774 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010

I'm excited to say I will be ending 2014 with a new work commissioned by Beverly Hills High School.  I have enjoyed making this new piece with a cast of 20(!) titled Between Stillness and Falling.  They have been such a pleasure to work with and I can't wait to see them perform in January!  Go BHHS Dance Company!

Squint, and Remake the World

Last fall I served as a guest choreographer at Moorpark College (Moorpark, CA).  I loved the piece I made for the wonderful students there and I'm excited that it is being remounted as a collaboration between JESSICA KONDRATH | THE MOVEMENT and Megill & Company for our September 2014 production at ARC Pasadena.  Hope to see you there!!

Costume Design for Fleeting

I am looking forward to seeing the final product of my costume collaboration with dancer/choreographer/designer Tamara McCarty.  Tamara and I have worked together in many capacities previously, and the design we have teamed up to create for this next piece is going to be beautiful!  I've always loved designers renderings - come see them live in San Diego (April 27th @ 1pm), Santa Monica (May 5th @ 730pm), and ARC Pasadena (Sept. 27 & 28th @ 8pm/2pm).  Check our calendar for details regarding performance location.  Thank you Tamara!!

Rehearsal with photographer Joshua Spafford

The ever talented photographer Joshua Spafford stopped by our rehearsal for Fleeting last sunday and this is the result.  Josh photographs around the country, specifically in LA, NYC, and Miami.  You can find him at starboardphotos.com



Arts Council of Long Beach Professional Artist Fellowship Award goes to Jessica Kondrath | the movement

I'm excited to share that I have been selected as a recipient of the Professional Artist Fellowship Award for 2014 from the Arts Council of Long Beach!  


This money will continue to support the creation of two new works for the company, the collaboration with artist Diana Baumbach and musician/composer Brian Wood, fund costumes, space rental, and various other costs.  I am very grateful to the ACLB for their funding and their support of the arts in Long Beach!


You can help us fund our new works by donating to Jessica Kondrath | the movement through our fiscal sponsor DRC-LA here.  All donations are greatly appreciated and fully tax deductible.  



Photo Shoot with GH Prime Media and Tom Gallo!

Check out the beautiful images from GH Prime Media's Tom Gallo!  


He recently shot the company outside in San Pedro, CA and in the studio at ARC Pasadena.  Tom's images of the company are stunning, as ever, working with Tom was fantastic.  Check out the final product here.  Thanks for making us look so grand Tom!

We're performing at Dance Chicago's New Moves!!

Please join Jessica Kondrath | the movement and support Dance Chicago's New Moves on Friday November 22nd at 8pm!!  I'm so excited to show work again in my hometown within a festival that I've been part of as a performer and choreographer since 1996! The ever talented Anne Merrick will be performing the solo from The Art of Breathing

From Beth Megill's review of the piece this past summer, "This solo is one I could watch over and over. It is crafted like a well-designed puzzle, with the body and the motifs scattered in front of you and then coming together into a well balanced visual account of line, shape, and color."

Use this code and receive $9 off the Adult ticket cost: 
code is:: dcheartsp

Photo shoot with Tom Gallo!

Today company dancers Kayla Bixby, Naomi King, and Kathryn Lung had the lovely pleasure of being captured by one of my favorite photographers Tom Gallo!  He is amazingly talented at shooting dancers and I love his hand drawn idea sheet from prep too (check it out at the bottom).

Here are some behind the scenes shots from my iphone.  These are so fab, I can't wait to see what Tom's look like!  

Enjoy and visit Tom's site at http://www.ghprimemedia.com/



ArtNight Pasadena 2013

We had a great time performing excerpts of our new work Fleeting at ARC Pasadena last Friday.  If you missed us, come see the piece at Friends/Family/Dance/Festival 2013 presented by Nancy Evans Dance Theater at Porticos Art Space November 23 & 24.   


Salon Night!

We had a wonderful evening performing as part of Salon Night presented by the Long Beach Dance Foundation at the Bungalow Arts Center in Long Beach!

More recap and photos to come, but for now a teaser image from photographer Lindsey Ingram.


Alyson Mattoon performing You Can Be Anything, Forgotten or Lost.  


Jessica discusses Salon Night in the Long Beach Post



Jessica was interviewed by Sander Roscoe Wolff of the Long Beach Post on Monday to discuss the production, Salon Night, presented by the Long Beach Dance Foundation of which she is the current president.  Check out what she had to say and then come see us live on Saturday the 24th from 7-10pm at the Bungalow Arts Center at 729 Pine, between 7th and 8th in Long Beach!

Julie Correia will be performing the solo from The Art of Breathing.  If you missed her in Santa Barbara, come see her in Long Beach!  

Also on the bill will be Alyson Mattoon performing an excerpt from the solo You Can Be Anything, Forgotten or Lost.  This piece was last presented in New York in April as part of Gowanus Guest Room #8. 

This weekend will be the first time for the company to perform in our home city and we hope you can make it out to join us!!  


Jessica teaches at Fullerton Union High School Dance

I taught the dance students at Fullerton Union High School a composition class on August 7th.  The students choreograph the majority of their performances during the year and were an absolute pleasure to work with!  Here are some images and below the link leads to a video one of the dances created during our time together:

Beautiful work everyone!!

Special thanks to Karen Bradbury for hosting me!

This past weekend at ADaPT Fest in Santa Barbara!

Dance artist and educator Beth Megill's review of Julie Correia's performance this past weekend at ADaPT Fest in Santa Barbara.

"Jessica Kondrath presented an a excerpt from a solo work, The Art of Breathing, performed by Julie Correia.  I have seen and reviewed this piece before as well, but as I stated for the last piece in which this was the case, this solo is one I could watch over and over.  It is crafted like a well-designed puzzle, with the body and the motifs scattered in front of you and then coming together into a well balanced visual account of line, shape, and color."

You can read more about the performance at


Photos by Kathee Miller courtesy of ArtBark International.


New Works Choreographic Project!

I will be choreographing as part of Robert Salas' New Works Project in Simi Valley!

Information regarding participating is included below: 

Daily technique classes with some of Los Angeles' talented movers and shakers: Ken DatuganJeremy HahnJoelle Martinec, Beth Megill, Michael Nickerson-RossiStephanie Nugent, Robert Salas and Kenneth J. Walker II

Dates: Week 1 June 24 - 27, 2013
Week 2 July 1 - 4, 2013
10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon

Cost: $12 single class
4 class special $44
8 class special $80

New Works Choreographic Project
A group of choreographers will experiment with their dance making process and present their creations on July 6, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Choreographers include: Jeremy Hahn, Jennifer La Curan, Michael Nickerson-Rossi, Stephanie Nugent, Kenneth J. Walker II, and more.

Dancers wanted to make up New Works cast. Auditions June 15 @ 3:30 Dance Creations

For more info contact Robert Salas 714 381-0393