Image by Denise Leitner.

Image by Denise Leitner.

JESSICA KONDRATH | THE MOVEMENT is fiscally sponsored through Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Through their support, you can make a tax deductible donation to our company through the link below.

Your donations will go directly towards the various costs of creating and presenting new and existing work such as: costume construction, rehearsal rentals, composer fees, artist fees, transportation costs, music rights, and dancer pay.  We appreciate your support in any and all amounts and will recognize your donation by listing you on our site and in any upcoming programs.  We thank you greatly for your continued support .


We would like to thank those that have given to JESSICA KONDRATH | THE MOVEMENT.  Your support keeps us dancing and for that - we thank you. 

Caroline Aizawa                                     Denise Anderson           

Gerald & Lois Anderson                         Nicole Betcher

Lisa Carhart                                           Weslie Ching                       

Steve Crowley                                       Megan Dicostanzo

Carmela Dietrich                                   Heather Evans

Kori Filipek-Ogden                                Julie Fischer                       

Jeniffer Fuentes-Mishica                       Lisa Green                       

Claire Goatham                                     Erin Gottwald                       

Huong Hoang                                        Robert & Danielle Kane

Misa Kelly                                              Irene Kleinbauer

Christopher & Linda Kondrath               John LaRosa

Patrice Linke                                         Carol McDowell

Robin Mori                                             Elenore Perice

Melissa Prentice                                    Michelle Ramos-Burkhart

Lucy Riner                                             Sylvia Rodriguez-Scholz

Gino & Gina Sigismond                        Susan Silver                        

Lynne Steele                                         Jeremy Smith & Michael Marchand           

David Spirakes                                     Jody Sumimoto

Thomas Tsai                                         John Pennington & ARC Pasadena


Our work is also supported through a space grant at ARC Pasadena made possible by the Z. Clark Branson Foundation and by the Long Beach Arts Council's Professional Artists Fellowship.